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16th Century  Historical  Interpreters

Welcome to the sixteenth century. England under the rule of its most famous dynasty,The Tudors.

Well, ok, not the actual sixteenth century, we're not that good. But the Suffolk Free Company are one of the UK's leading Tudor Living History groups and we try to recreate what it might have been like to live in the 16th century. As Historical interpreters we use an evidence based approach to presenting life in Tudor Times. We share a passion for the past, and we would like to share that with you.



We are interested in both military and domestic life, and we have members who can portray a variety of levels of society from the poorest of labourer to wealthy gentry. We are interested in everyday life rather than courtly life, how we, or you, might have lived in a period long in the past.
The Suffolks are well known for bringing the sixteenth century to life up close and personal or in arena displays. So come and find us in the past and find out what your life might have been like during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.


God Save The Queen!


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